Service and Support

Drop Off Repair Service

Longhair Computers Services offers flat labor fee for “drop off” service for its residential and commercial customers. When your computer is brought in for service; a technician will give it a general assessment, discuss the computers issues and give the customer a general idea as to what they can expect from the repair. Overall, equipment takes 3-7 days for repair.

Longhair Computers can also help with replacement/upgrade parts. If a replacement/upgrade part is needed, you will be notified in advance.

Parts are to be paid for at the time of order.

When you pick up your unit please allow for ample time as your computer will be demonstrated to you. This is an opportunity to become reacquainted with your system as well as ask questions.

Tips for making your visit more successful include: backing up your files before coming in, knowing what files are on your computer that you or others might need to keep, removing all passwords before service as well as give a general description of the computers symptoms.

LHCS Computer Services

Phone Support

Longhair Computers will attempt to answer all customer questions regarding their recently serviced units. This is offered free of charge to existing customers.

Outside phone support is available by contacting Longhair Computers to discuss the services being requested as well as pricing.

Longhair Computers offers convenient payments for phone support through PayPal.

Field Service

Longhair Computers offers comprehensive field services for its commercial/residential customers. Field services include but are not limited to the following areas: on site computer and network set up, computer repair, network wiring, maintenance and training.

These services are offered either hourly or by contract.