IEI Motherboard KINO-780EB-L325-R10 AMD ASB1 RS780E/SB710 PCI Express USB2.0 SATA Brown Box
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1. AMD® ASB1 (BGA) processors with 1600MHz Hyper Transport 1.0 support

2. RS780E Integrated UVD; MPEG2; and H.264/AVC Full HD Decoder

3. Dual display support by VGA + HDMI /LVDS+ VGA/HDMI + LVDS

4. ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphic core for DX10 support

5. TPM V1.2 hardware security function supported

6. Single 12V DC input and low profile design

7. IEI One Key Recovery solution allows you to create rapid OS backup and recovery""
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IEI Technology Corp111285Socket AM3 MotherboardKINO-780EB-L325-R10