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  • uncomplicated designs minimalism stylization and functionality - the C801 is not only a dazzling modern accessory but also a fashion accessory for people to show their styles.Store and Share More Digital LifeWhen mentioning about the product features and specifications this simple stylish and compact USB flash drive-C801 is the most convenient USB 2.0 flash drive designed for consumers who need easy-to-use digital storage. The compact size let C801 can easily slip into the pockets purses and handbags. Besides C801 adopts special pen cap design so its cap can directly plug into the bottom of USB body while data transferring and easily solve the USB cap-lost problem. Its great storage capacity and plug-and-play advantage can let user to take documents photos presentation video and music everywhere. Therefore the smart C801 can solve the annoying cap-lost problem for user foreverAs modern peoples demands for greater artistic design for products grew A-DATA C801 lets users experience the simplistic Scandinavian life through its white minimalist and stress-releasing design""Storage Capacity: 2GB
  • Technology: Flash Drive
Price: $12
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White fashion has invaded personal IT products A-DATA launched its wonder white USB flash drive C801 featuring a natural and minimalist Scandinavian style. Simple
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